SYNAXARY, XVII th century,

SYNAXARY, XVII th century,

Version intégrale sur la BVMM (IRHT-CNRS)
H 377mm / W 253mm (Ms.064)


Made in the Convent of Saint Sign of Erzinka, for Zakaria.

Liturgical collection presenting day by day the lives of the saints; each story begins with “on this day,” hence in classical Armenian “Yaysmawurk‘” the name given to the collection.

Text in bolorgir written on two columns with bird lettering and geometrical and vegetal decoration. Chapter headings in red ink.

This large manuscript is decorated with title pages, vignettes, ornate lettering and more than 60 portraits of saints, prophets, military saints and holy kings in the margin of the mention of their feast.

Cosmas and Damian were martyred in Syria and celebrated by the Armenian Church on November 21.

The very rich and strong colors and the large number of illustrations show the wealth of the orderer.